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Jaren zestig, de tweede bevrijding

  1. Roel Van Duijn


Jaren zestig, de tweede bevrijding

This article refers back to the 60s of the 20th century, describing these restless times in the Netherlands. The Dutch revolt of that period, where the Provo-movement played the first fiddle, is touched briefly. Then, in order to put those circumstances in current context, the text interweaves recent topics into the story of the Dutch cultural, political and social events of the 60s (demonstrations against the arms race, brutal actions of the Dutch police, the generation gap). From this point of view one can perceive the 60s as a mirror reflecting the modern times: fight for peace and democracy, care about environment, respect for the individual human beings. In this manner the ideas of Provo remain timeless; the striving for the ‘modern revolution’ (a Third Liberation) is necessary.

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Neerlandica Wratislaviensia

20, 2011

Strony od 185 do 189

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