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Fraseologische variatie en modificatie in "NRC-Handelsblad"-commentaren

  1. Zuzanna Czerwonka



The aim of this article is to present two important language phenomena related to the use of phraseological units/set phrases, e.g. phraseological modification and phraseological variation (and their combination). The theoretical part of the article touches upon the questions of the current state of research on phraseological modification and variation, the classification of the modifications (semantic and formal) and the classification of the variations. The subject of the analysis is the occurrence of phraseological modification and variation in Dutch press texts. The investigated material consists of articles from the internet version of the newspaper NRC-Handelsblad. The examples of phraseological modifications and variations (and their combination) are divided according to agreed methods of classification, presented in tables and analyzed with regard to qualitative and quantitative approach.

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Neerlandica Wratislaviensia

19, 2010

Strony od 137 do 158

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