Een alternatieve reisgids als didactische werkvorm in taalverwerving – een casestudie uit Zagreb

  1. Maarten Rombouts ORCiD: 0000-0002-7055-4127


An alternative guide as a teaching form used in teaching Dutch – a case study from Zagreb

This article explores a project conducted at the Chair of Dutch Language and Cultural Studies of the University of Zagreb in the context of Dutch language acquisition. Third-year bachelor students were given the task of creating an alternative travel guide for Croatia. The educational goals of this project include an exercise in persuasive writing with stress on register and usage of various adjectives and a broader societal goal, the achievement of which was possible thanks to the fact that the students looked at a known subject from a different perspective. The context of the project is an exceedingly growing tourism sector in Croatia which can bring benefits not only to the students who can learn typical touristic jargon in Dutch but also to the country which can diversify its touristic offer. The project is embedded in the theory of persuasive writing. Ultimately, both the lecturer and the students evaluated the project and the methods used, finding them useful and repeatable.


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Neerlandica Wratislaviensia

28, 2018

Pages from 63 to 77

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